Progress in permitting reform

permitting progressWe’ve made progress on permitting reform. According to a poll, satisfaction with the Development Services Department — the City department that issues permits and conducts inspections — has increased dramatically since the Zucker Report was released two years ago. In addition, the Austin Monitor reports that Development Services are issuing more than twice as many residential permits as they did two years ago.

At the same time, the department’s residential permit volume has continued to climb. According to statistics provided by the city, in 2010, the department issued 4,544 commercial permits and 7,635 residential permits.

The number of residential permits has continued to climb every year since then. In 2013, the city issued 9,503 residential permits, and that number grew to 10,675 in 2015. Last year, the department issued 11,423 residential permits. Commercial permits have not increased significantly. In 2016, the city reported 4,662 such permits.

See the poll here and watch the two presentations made to the Council here and here.