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RELEASE: White House names Austin a TechHire Community

Microsoft, Google & IBM to provide paid tech internships in Austin for 200 veteran and low-income graduates from accelerated training programs at ACC, Texas State University, Zenith

In the run-up to the President’s trip to Austin to speak at SXSWi, the White House announced today that Austin had been designated a TechHire Community. The White House’s year-old TechHire Initiative is designed to develop homegrown information technology workforce.

“In my State of our City address last month, I promised to make workforce development in tech a special focus of this year. The White House designating Austin a TechHire Community reflects the real progress we are making. The TechHire Initiative will help us create the best, most-effective job training ecosystem in the country. Austin is good at creating jobs. This will make us better at getting our own people ready to take those jobs.”

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