Mobility – Time to Get to Work

We don’t need to convince anyone that mobility is a challenge in Austin. With all the jobs we’re creating, it’s becoming harder and harder to get to work, and we all know what the biggest problem is – I-35. The Texas A&M Transportation Institute says that I-35 as it goes through downtown Austin is the most-congested road in Texas, (See report) and MoPac, which is currently undergoing major renovation, isn’t far behind. Click here to visit the Mopac Improvement Project. If it’s hard for you to get to work, then it’s time for us to get to work.

This year 2016 will be the Year of Mobility as we have a discussion with our regional partners, local leaders such as Senator Kirk Watson, and TxDOT about what mobility projects we should consider funding through a bond – in a financially responsible way – this November. We all know I-35 is our biggest mobility problem. Doing a bond for I-35 could dramatically accelerate the work to fix this problem sooner.

It’s not just I-35. There are mobility projects along our transportation corridors all over Austin that need funding so we can get to work: transit projects, bike & pedestrian paths, safety improvements, and congested intersections.

This doesn’t mean we’re not doing a lot right now, and you’re going to see a long list of accomplishments this year. Not plans, but real accomplishments in your neighborhood that will ease traffic congestion and increase safety.

We have big traffic problems, but this year we’re going to not just “address our challenges” but make real progress and propose big solutions. Great cities do big things, and it’s time to get to work.

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