Statement Regarding Next Steps After Prop 1 Election

In a historic election, Austin voters rejected Prop 1.

Whether or not Uber and Lyft choose to leave town, the City is committed to ensuring that Austinites, both drivers and riders, have transportation and job options including TNC services.

We are moving forward in several different ways, including:

  1. We remain open to talking with Lyft and Uber whether they are operating in Austin or not;
  2. We are working to help TNCs that operate in Austin to be successful. There is going to be greater demand than service for a period of time. We ask the community to show some patience;
  3. We are exploring a local non-profit TNC with Austin entrepreneurs;
  4. We are working towards creating the pool of fingerprinted drivers (with the support of the City or through a third party such as Thumb’s Up!);
  5. We are working with Cap Metro and others to find solutions for seniors, people with disabilities, and other members of the community in need;
  6. We are working to develop ground transportation regulations that do not pick winners and losers, and
  7. We are working toward expanding the full range of transportation options.

As listed above, the City will participate in offering an enhanced one-stop shop for drivers to complete fingerprint-based background checks.  If Uber and/or Lyft stay, this will facilitate them having fingerprinted drivers. The City’s expedited process will also help drivers expand their work opportunities to other TNCs and minimize any disruption that may be caused if Uber and Lyft are not operating in Austin.

“Austin is a creative and innovative city, and we’re going to find creative and innovative solutions to ensure Austinites have mobility options that include TNCs,” say Mayor Adler.

“Austin is one of the best markets in the country – I am confident that ride-hailing services operating within our City’s public safety requirements will remain and thrive as a valuable option for Austinites,” said Ann Kitchen, Chair of the Mobility Committee.

Leaders in the community are working together to find solutions, including Mayor Adler, Council Member Ann Kitchen (Chair of the Mobility Committee), the City Manager, Austin Transportation Department staff, and technology and entrepreneurial leaders Dan Graham, Joe Liemandt, Joshua Baer, Josh Jones-Dilworth, Joseph Kopser, and Eugene Sepulveda.