Statement by Mayor Adler on ICE Director’s Threat to Arrest City, State Officials

On Tuesday, acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Thomas Homan, endorsed arresting local elected officials because of conflicts on immigration enforcement policy. “This is victimization of the American community,” he said. “This isn’t the America I grew up in. We’ve got to take these sanctuary cities on. We’ve got to take them to court, and we’ve got to start charging some of these politicians with crimes.”

“ICE Director Calls For Arrest Of ‘Sanctuary City And State Officials,” Talking Points Memo
“Trump’s ICE chief wants to arrest ‘sanctuary city’ politicians. Dallas mayor calls threat ‘total hogwash’,” Dallas Morning News

Mayor Adler’s statement follows:

“Threatening to jail political opponents, especially for laws they aren’t breaking, is not the America I grew up in. Austin is the safest big city in Texas, and we follow the law. I will oppose anti-immigrant policies, regardless of the personal consequences, because spreading fear and making threats makes us all less safe.”