COVID-19 Vaccine Update

Austin has only received enough vaccines for less than 2% of our population. It is simply not enough – even for our Phase 1A (first responders) or Phase 1B (medically vulnerable). I hear and share the frustrations Austinites, especially those who are “1B”, but we ask for your continued patience until the Federal and State governments distribute more vaccine doses. Please continue to pre-register into the system (so you’re alerted when your turn comes): vaccine pre-registration hereBut if you do not have internet, or the website is simply not working for you, please call 3-1-1 to register for the vaccine. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is the vaccine free for everyone?

A: Yes, the vaccine for COVID is free for the insured and uninsured, and available regardless of immigration status.

Q: I pre-registered online, why haven’t I received an email or an appointment?

A: If you have pre-registered with APH but did not receive an email or an appointment, it is due to one of the following 3 reasons: 

  1. You are not eligible – or not in Phase 1A or Phase 1B.
  2. You are eligible but not highest priority within those groups. 
  3. You are eligible and in the highest priority group, but appointments are filled. 

Q: I received my first shot from my doctor, can I get my second shot at APH?

  1. No. If you have already received the first round of vaccine from your healthcare provider, you must return to the original provider for the second dose once it is available to them. 

Q: Do I need to take a Covid test to register for the vaccine?

A: No. The testing option on the website is separate from the vaccine registration. However, if you suspect you have Covid, you should seek testing before getting the vaccination.

Q: How do I log back in?

A: Some people have reported difficulty logging back in. If you have difficulty logging back into your account, under User Name, add “.aph” to the end of your email address (example: Austin Public Health says this should resolve the issue. 

Below are more resources regarding vaccine eligibility, pre-registration and distribution.