Tumlin Report: Implement Corridor Plans

tumlin coverOn the same day the Mayor introduced the Smart Corridor Resolution, Jeffrey Tumlin, a pre-eminent mobility expert, issued his recommendations on transportation strategies¬†to the City of Austin that included the implementation of the corridor plans. “Austin has a problem of success. Austin is a thriving city, and its success has resulted in severe traffic congestion,” wrote Tumlin. “Austin’s current success threatens its future.”

Among the eight priorities Tumlin identified was “implement corridor plans with a focus on walkability.”

“The City of Austin has invested great effort in developing several thoughtful corridor and special district plans. … These plans and others establish Austin’s forward-thinking planning, and they are already positively impacting the urban landscape.”

Click here to read the full Tumlin Report, or you can read the City’s summary memo:¬†Memo Transportation Tumlin.