Tell TxDOT to lower I-35

Built more than 50 years ago, I-35 will soon undergo a complete overhaul to accommodate the unprecedented growth and traffic congestion in Central Texas. That reconstruction presents our community with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reimagine I-35.

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is conducting an environmental study of the corridor and will decide between two options, both of which will reduce congestion. But only the lowered option creates the opportunity to improve mobility and dramatically change the quality of life in our community.

Click here or on the video below to see what it might look like if TxDOT lowers the highway between 15th Street and Cesar Chavez, add 2 lanes in each direction, and create the infrastructure to accommodate a cap over sections of the lowered lanes.

As TxDOT explores the best way forward for improving I-35, urge TxDOT to select the lowered option through the downtown corridor of Austin. This will benefit our community by:

  • Adding capacity for vehicles on I-35, including toll-free express lanes for transit vehicles. Having protected lanes for busses to bypass traffic will encourage the use of public transit, which will help to remove vehicles from Austin’s busy roadways.
  • Improving safety and mobility for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Enhancing east/west connectivity for both vehicles and pedestrians
  • Reducing noise pollution from the highway for the area surrounding I-35
  • Creating the opportunity for “cap” infrastructure along the downtown corridor of I-35. This will provide residents and stakeholders the opportunity to create an iconic, privately-owned deck park above the state’s most congested highway, benefiting future generations of Texans.

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