Mike Martinez endorsementAt a City Hall press conference, former Council member Mike Martinez endorsed the Smart Corridor bond, which he characterized as a continuation of the progress made when he served on the City Council and the board of the Capital Metropolitan Authority.

“The Smart Corridor bond is the next step in the progress that Mike Martinez made on the Austin City Council and the CapMetro board. Now is the time to take the corridor plans off the shelf and put into action. These plans are the right way both to address traffic congestion and to get more people using rapid transit,” said Mayor Adler.

Joining the Mayor were representatives of the Austin Technology Council, the Chamber of Commerce, Hill Country Conservancy, Shoal Creek Conservancy, The Trail Foundation, and the Alliance for Public Transportation, as well as former Council Member Mike Martinez.

“The Smart Corridor plan is like a clock – all the pieces work together,” said Mayor Adler. “It’s not cars or bikes. Both benefit from protected bike lanes. It’s not cars or buses. Cars benefit from bus pullouts, and buses benefit from cue jumps. We’re addressing traffic congestion the Austin way: smarter, so everyone benefits.”