Mayor Adler: If Texans come to Austin needing shelter, we will find a place for them

“I want everyone to know that if Texans come to Austin needing shelter that we will find a place for them. The second thing that I want to say is that when company comes, the family has chores to do. We certainly do in this area, getting ready for the guests that we’re going to have. Everybody has a role to play in this recovery effort.

“There are lots of different places that I know you can go to to find lists of opportunities to be able to help and to donate. Two I’m gonna call out: the Red Cross is taking point on a lot of our shelters here in Austin. At this point they have a lot of volunteers, they have some supplies. What they’re looking for is contributions. The easiest way to get to the Red Cross is to text 90999 and then type in the word REDCROSS. It takes just a second and it is greatly appreciated by them.

“I’ve communicated with Mayor Turner in Houston over the course of the last several days. I asked him what we could do and the first thing he asked for was also assistance with contributions. His request is that people go to That’s the Greater Houston Community Foundation. That is Mayor Turner’s request. I would also say that among the many places you can go to find lists of ways to volunteer, to help with pets, to give blood, to donate diapers, all are needs that we have on a list right now on has a list that we are updating as we get additional requests to direct people.

“The third thing I want to say is that we are not checking immigration status at shelters, and that goes for everyone. Our priority is your safety, and we want to make you feel at home regardless of where you come from. That is the character of this community and is the kind of hospitality that we’re gonna show.”