It’s time to get to work to fix traffic

We now have worse traffic problems than Houston does. Houston!  The Austin downtown IH-35 is the most congested road in Texas and one of the worst in the country. Let that sink in for a second.

Now, let’s do something about mobility in Austin.

KVUE news story:

I propose that 2016 be the Year of Mobility in Austin. We’re going to have a public discussion over the next few months about what we’ve already planned to do and what we need to do, about a long term strategic mobility plan as well as what roads and congestion we should focus on first, about how we use the rights of way we already have to maximize efficiency and our families’ quality of life, about how we increase mobility choices and maximize new technologies, and even about whether we are serious enough about mobility to call a bond election this fall.  I want you to be a part of the conversation about whether it is time to do something big — we need everyone’s input.

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you’ve noticed that this discussion has already begun.  Here are some clips to catch you up:

KUT: “Mayor Steve Adler on His Proposal for Another Transportation Bond”

Statesman: “Is Austin going to have a transportation bond election in 2016?”
There are at least two ways you can offer your two cents on a problem that, in all honesty, will probably be a bit more expensive than that to fix. You can participate in the discussions on our Facebook page or email me directly at When I was giving an interview this week, I offered my email address on the air. The journalist looked at me as if I’d done something shocking. No, really, I want to hear from you!

We’re really good at making plans and doing studies in Austin. The time for planning is over.   Now it’s time to get to work (quickly, safely, and dependably too).