We’ve studied – time to take the test on mobility

The Mayor’s Smart Corridor Plan is based on several other plans and initiatives that have already undergone extensive public engagement and have cost millions of dollars, and in classic Austin fashion they are sitting on a shelf gathering dust. We’ve done the studies. Now it’s time to take the test, and a passing grade is $720 million.

Airport Boulevard Corridor Development Program (6-12/11)
2016 Austin Bicyle Master Plan (8/12-11/14)
East Riverside Corridor Master Plan (8/8-2/10)
FM 969/East MLK Jr. Boulevard Corridor Development Plan (11/11-5/12)
Guadalupe Street Corridor Improvement Plan (12/14-5/15)
Mobility ATX (10/15-11/15)
North Lamar/Burnet Corridor Development Plan (9/11-1/12)
North Burnet/Gateway 2035 Master Plan Document (5/06-11/07)
East Riverside Corridor Development Program (10/11-3/12)
South Lamar Boulevard Corridor Improvement Program (12/14-4/16)
Vision Zero Action Plan – draft (1/15-5/16)
Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan (8/09-6/12)