Safety Improvement Program Update

Attention Austinites! As part of the Safety Improvement Program approved by City Council in September 2015, the Austin Transportation Department will be initiating safety improvements at the following intersections: Lamar Blvd / Parmer Lane, Lamar Blvd / Rundberg Lane, 183 Service Road / Cameron Road, and IH 35 Service Road / MLK Jr. Blvd.

All four projects, of the five selected as the highest-ranked locations where safety can be improved with engineering solutions, have advanced to a 90 percent design stage. The proposed overall safety improvements will provide safe refuge to pedestrians, reduce dangerous driving behaviors, provide safer mobility options and improve safety and operations for all modes of transportation. Additional project-specific improvements are outlined below.

Lamar Boulevard / Parmer LaneLamar Boulevard Parmer Lane

The intersection of Lamar Boulevard / Parmer Lane will be receiving a plethora of upgrades that will improve safety and functionality for both pedestrians and drivers. These upgrades include reconstructing existing right-turn channelized islands at the northwest and southeast corners of the intersection to facilitate “smart” right turns; adding intersection striping and continental crosswalks; constructing a new signal on Lamar Boulevard at the Walmart driveway; and constructing a new Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon (PHB) at John B. Connally High School. The new signal is under construction and is expected to be operational by mid-July 2016. The new PHB is currently operational.

Lamar Boulevard / Rundberg Lane

Lamar Boulevard Rundberg Lane

The intersection of Lamar Boulevard / Rundberg Lane is also receiving some serious safety improvements. These improvements include adding striping, lane reassignments and continental crosswalks; re-constructing corner pedestrian ramps; converting an existing PHB on Rundberg Lane (across from Walnut Creek Library) to a full signal; and constructing a new PHB on Rutland Drive. The signal conversion and new PHB are already under construction and are expected to be operational in August 2016.

183 Service Road / Cameron Road

Improvements to the intersection 183 Service Road Cameron Roadof 183 Service Road / Cameron Road include constructing a new right-turn channelized island at the northeast corner of the intersection for pedestrian refuge; revising an existing raised median; adding striping and continental crosswalks; and constructing an Advance Warning Flasher on the eastbound approach of 183 Service Road to alert motorists of the signal ahead. The Advance Warning Flasher is awaiting permits from TxDOT and will be ready for construction later in summer 2016.

IH 35 Service Road / Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard

Proposed improvements to IH 35 Service Road / Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard include revising the southbound lane assignment to add a southbound

IH 35 Service Road Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard

through lane; reconstructing the eastbound to southbound right-turn island; constructing raised crosswalks at the southwest and northeast corners; adding striping and continental crosswalks; revising the signal phasing on eastbound and westbound Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard; and providing exclusive left-turn-protected phasing for pedestrians and left-turning vehicles in order to remove conflicts between the left-turning vehicles and the through vehicles and pedestrians. The signal phasing revisions were completed in February 2016.