Austin Don’t Rush Deals

Austin Don’t Rush
How you can save big on May 11th?


Mayor Steve Adler has announced his next mobility challenge: Austin Don’t Rush, on Wednesday, May 11th, 2016!

“This time we’re simply asking people to avoid rush hour. Take a train, a bus, or a bike. Talk to your boss about changing your hours to avoid rush hour,” said Mayor Adler. “Maybe work from home and come in at noon. You have a lot of options, and this time we have a lot of support. The message last time was to work from home. This time it’s even easier: Austin, don’t rush.”

Mayor Adler wasn’t kidding when he said we had a lot of support for Austin Don’t Rush day. Make sure you take advantage of all the great deals going on May 11th:

1. CapMetro

To encourage support this one-day commuter challenge, Austin’s Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority, is making service on ALL of their buses and trains and special access FREE to ride all day. This includes all users of MetroBus, UT Shuttle, MetroRapid, MetroFlyer, MetroExpress, MetroRapid, MetroRail, even MetroAccess. The best way to find out routes, arrival times and get updates is via the CapMetro app. Visit their website for additional details:

2. Austin B-Cycle

All day on May 11th, Austin B-cycle will be offering complimentary 24 hour access memberships to Austin residents who use code 051116 at any of our stations! More info can be found on their blog. Those who use code 051116 on May 11th will also receive a text with a promo code for the 1st month free of our Local 30 membership.

3. CARTS – Capital Area Rural Transportation System

CARTS is offering free service all day May 11th on their nine regional commuter services routes and their fixed route bus services in Bastrop and San Marcos. CARTS has also offered “tripper” buses to accommodate overflow if the routes become too over crowded. Find out more here:

4. Metropia

Metropia is an app that helps you plan your travel and avoid traffic. During Austin Don’t Rush, bonus points that can be redeemed for prizes for app users on 5/11 who Flex (travel outside 7-9am and 4-6pm) and/or DUO to use their carpool feature.

5. Zipcar

Anyone that signs up to become a Zipcar member between now and May 11 at can join for $15. They will also include $25 of driving credit to help get you started. (This is designed to support folks who take transit or carpool to get to work but still need a vehicle during the day.)

6. Car2go

In preparation for “Austin Don’t Rush” go to car2go and use promo code C2G15 and get FREE registration (regularly $35) and 15 FREE drive time minutes. Allow 2-4 days for membership activation.

Still not convinced? Check out the links below to find a new way to get to work on Wednesday, May 11th. For more information visit:

Additional resources for commuters: